5 Easy Giveaways to Build Your Email List

5 Easy Giveaways to Build Your Email List

Email is the holy grail of marketing.

Not only have you already overcome that first initial hurdle (a prospect has given you permission to reach out to them with marketing and promotional deals)…

It’s basically free.

Taking out the cost of writing an email, and the email marketing software you’re using to manage all of this, all you need to do is click send.

There’s no ad spend.

There’s no complexity.

It’s just you, building and strengthening the relationship you have with your customers (and potential customers), through a channel that we’ve all come to learn to love.

Did you know people spend 5.4 hours a day checking their emails?

It’s where they are.

It’s where you need to connect with them.

And if you’re not doing any email marketing, you’re missing a huge sales opportunity.

But to get your foot in the door, you need to bait your hook.


What’s an email worth trading for?

You need to offer something of value, a prospect is willing to trade their email address for. Something that allows you to quickly establish trust, credibility and rapport.

A freebie.

But not all freebies are created equal.

If there’s no real value to what you’re giving away, no one is going to subscribe.

Think about your target prospect for a moment here.

Think about what is going to make a real difference in their life, in their business, to their bottom line, and you’re getting on the right track for the kind of freebie you need to offer.

I’ve given away everything from $10 e-books to websites worth several thousand dollars.

Understandably, the bigger the giveaway, the better a particular campaign will work.

The kicker, is two-fold.

It needs to be a giveaway you can manage (and fast).

It also needs to be worth it.

You need to have an idea of the value an email address is worth to you, to determine just how much you’re ready to give away. Writing off a high four-figure freebie isn’t ideal, but if the returns are going to be several times that, it’s a no brainer. Right?

Great, now what should you be trading?


Specific reports and downloadable guides

This is a particular favourite of mind because it hits two major benefits (for you).

One, it’s free to distribute once the initial product has been created. You can send a pdf document to a hundred people, a thousand, or even a million, and it’ll still be value adding.

Two, it’s an evergreen piece of content that helps establish your authority and expertise on your particular subject area of knowledge. You’re just taking what you know, and putting words to paper, so a larger audience can benefit from your experience.

For this to work, you need to make sure it addresses a pain point your customer has.

I tend to make these about 10 to 15 pages in length, and have put them together on everything from “The Single Greatest Guide to Speeding Up Your WordPress Website” to some rather niche topics my clients have used (with massive success) on their affiliate sites.

And as you wrap up the guide, don’t be shy to throw another upsell in there, letting the prospect know where they can go for more info, to get more help, or if they want to progress to the next steps. That way, it becomes a lead generation machine too.


Insight into a process or system you use

Building on your goal to make someone’s life easier, is to share the things you’re actually using in your business, like a checklist, or a template.

Something that is going to help simplify or add value to their business.

Remember, most people want MORE TIME and to SAVE MONEY.

They’re two very big pain points.

If you can give them something that they can quickly and easily “plug and play” into their business and it works, you’re going to win a new fan for life.

And I’m not saying to give away your secret sauce, or hand over the keys to your store.

Find something small and powerful, that’s like a taster of the value to come.

  • If you’re a copywriter, it might be a cold outreach email template.
  • If you’re into telemarketing, perhaps a script they could download and test.
  • If you’re a developer, maybe a checklist of plugins to install as you’re building a site.

People love these kinds of downloads, and because you’re tapping into the things you ALREADY USE in your business, they’re one of the simplest to create.

You simply take what is already working for you, and give a piece of it away.

Oh, and don’t forget to include an upsell and links to find out more.


A free chapter from your published book

Unfortunately, this one only works if you’ve got a book that you sell, but it’s another powerful trade you can make.

People love to feel like they’re getting something for free. And using a chapter from a book you’ve already written requires almost zero effort on your part.

You just need to figure out a good “stand alone” chapter that offers a reader some decent insights, value and actionable steps, then turn it into a pdf.

This becomes the download.

Simple as that.

And in this case, I’d also recommend including the Amazon (or whatever) links to direct any interested readers to purchase the full book, as well as the call-to-actions if they’d like more information or a soft push to any other relevant upsells.

These upsells need to be in every bit of content you create.


Repurposing a live training or webinar

Now, if you’re doing any kind of live training… like online masterclasses, workshops or even webinars, these become a very powerful asset to give away.

Because you are teaching something in these training sessions, right?

If so, people will happily send you their emails, subscribing to your list, to get at the replays.

And the replay will be working, around the clock for you. Educating potential prospects, building a connection with them, and getting them interested in what you do.

All you need to do, is take the relevant clip, record a short intro and outro (you could skip this if you prefer, but I like to make it clear the video is a recording), and remember to keep your videos short, and easy to consume.


Interrupt with a pop-up and a special

Pop-ups and opt-in offers get a lot of hate, but the bottom line is this.

They work.

And I’ll tell you this, if you’ve got a pop-up configured to trigger on exit-intent, you’re not really losing anything by adding it in anyway. What do I mean by that?

Well, the visitor to your page is about to leave.

They’re headed to click the “X” and this is your last chance.

You’ve already failed to connect or excite them enough on your page, and this is your “Hail Mary.” The last ditch effort to grab their email before they are gone.

So, spring a pop-up on them.

There’s nothing to liose

If you’re selling a product, maybe there’s a discount code you can offer for xx% off in the next 12 hours. Or an exclusive bundle they wouldn’t normally get access to.

For this to work, it has to be more exciting, and more value packed than anything they’ve seen yet on your site. But it’s worth it, if it reels a lost prospect right back in.


Ultimately, you get to decide what you’re going to give away, but it has to be quality.

If there’s not enough meat in your freebies, it won’t be enough to generate any interest, and you’ll be hearing crickets instead of seeing new subscribers popping up. But it doesn’t mean you need to be spending hours and hours putting these together.

Tap into these five things, that you probably already have “almost” ready in your business, right now, and start building your list of subscribers.

Keep up the great work,